TradeKing Promotional Codes 2014

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TradeKing Promotional Codes 2014

TradeKing is my favorite online stock broker and I have been using it for many years. It is featured as one of our top online brokers and you can learn more about its commissions, fees, trading tools and customer service in my TradeKing review. If you are looking to open a new TradeKing account, you should take advantage of the following TradeKing promotional codes, updated for 2014. You can get up to $175 from these promotions for opening, funding and trading in a new account!

Switch to TradeKing and Get Up To $150

Many online stock brokers charge an outgoing transfer fee when you move your assets elsewhere. TradeKing will reimburse up to $150 of these charges when you transfer at least $2,500 in assets from a different broker. This promotion is valid for all account types and can be combined with other offers.

Here is what you need to do to quality:

  1. Open a TradeKing account
  2. Complete, print and sign the Account Transfer Form (available through the TradeKing website)
  3. Fax or email the completed form along with the most recent statement from your previous broker to TradeKing
  4. Request a transfer fee reimbursement by completing and sending the Transfer Reimbursement Form (available through the TradeKing website) and a proof of the transfer charge to TradeKing

Switch to TradeKing and Get Up To $150 in Transfer Fees Reimbursed

Get a $25 Wire Fee Reimbursement

If you use a wire transfer to fund your new TradeKing account, your bank may charge you a hefty wire transfer fee. TradeKing will reimburse up to $25 of these charges when you make an initial deposit of $5,000 or more. This promotion is not valid for retirement accounts, but can be combined with other offers.

To get started, open a new TradeKing account using the link below.

Open Your TradeKing Account Now

The above TradeKing promotional codes will not be around forever, so take advantage of these offers while they last. You can click here for current TradeKing promotions on their official website.

If you are unsure whether TradeKing is a good fit for you, check out my detailed review of TradeKing, or compare online brokers side-by-side.

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