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If you have been out of the loop and haven’t heard of Mint, or if you haven’t bothered setting up an account, this review is for you. Mint is my favorite tool for managing my finances and I have been happily using it for over a year (before that I was all about Excel spreadsheets). Mint is free, a breeze to set up and offers tons of excellent features. at a Glance is one of the best ways to to view and manage your personal finances in one place. It automatically pulls data from your bank, credit card, brokerage and other financial accounts and allows you to manage your money from its website or mobile app. With just one login you can get an overview of your entire financial situation.

While you can’t transfer money, pay your bills or make stock trades through Mint, you can create and track your budget, look over your spending trends, set alerts and reminders and track your financial goals. You can also view available balances across all accounts, search through previous transactions and track your investment portfolio’s performance. Review - Why I Use and Love Mint - Homepage

Mint Homepage | Click to Enlarge

Setting Up Your Account

Unlike other popular money management software (such as Quicken), Mint is absolutely free. You can open an account at There are no upgrades or premium subscriptions, so you have instant access to all of the features when you create your account. Review - Why I Use and Love Mint - Account Setup

Linking Accounts | Click to Enlarge

After logging in, the first thing you will want to do is connect your existing accounts to Mint. The process is simple – just type in the name of your financial institution, enter your login details and Mint will automatically download data from that account. Virtually every type of account is supported and Mint guarantees the privacy and safety of your information.

You can even add your other assets, such as your car, house or rental properties. I love how Mint automatically updates the value of your real estate by connecting to Zillow.

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Mint Dashboard

The dashboard gives you an overview of your finances. You can view account balances, asset values, net worth and a snapshot of your investment portfolio. The dashboard also displays the current month’s budget, your financial goals and spending trends. Review - Why I Use and Love Mint - AlertsThe alerts section is a great addition to your homepage. It displays important reminders, upcoming bills and notifies you of potential problems (such as overdue credit card payments). You can sign up to receive email reminders as well.

Your Budget

One of the best features of Mint is the ability to set and track your budget. You can set a monthly spending limit for each of the many categories and track your spending for each month. Mint automatically categorizes your account transactions and lets you know if you are under or over your budget in each category. Review - Why I Use and Love Mint - Budget

Financial Goals Review - Why I Use and Love Mint - Goals

Setting a Goal | Click to Enlarge

Another great feature of Mint is setting and tracking your financial goals. Your goals can be anything related to saving, investing or paying off debt. You create a new goal by choosing a goal type, setting a deadline and picking one or more appropriate accounts to track it. Mint will suggest a monthly contribution and will let you know if you are on track to completing your goals on time.

For example, you can use the goal feature to save for emergencies. When you pick a corresponding goal template, Mint suggests how much you should save, based on your average monthly expenses. You can then pick an account to serve as your emergency fund and set a deadline. Mint will suggest a monthly savings plan, which you can accept or adjust.

Spending Trends and Transactions Review - Why I Use and Love Mint - Trends

Spending Trends | Click to Enlarge

Since Mint can access and automatically categorize your transactions (you sometimes have to help it a little), it makes it very easy to study your financial trends. You can look at your spending, income, debt, assets and net worth over a variety of time periods and using different filters.

Mint can also be helpful if you’re trying to look up a particular transaction. Even if you don’t remember when it actually happened or which account you used, a quick search of your entire account history will help you quickly find it.

Investments Review - Why I Use and Love Mint - Investments

Investments | Click to Enlarge

The investments section allows you to view your portfolio’s performance, compare it to common stock market indexes and get a snapshot of your asset allocation.

This part of Mint is unfortunately lacking, compared to its personal finance features. You cannot choose performance benchmarks (you are stuck with S&P 500, Dow Jones and NASDAQ), nor see a detailed breakdown of your asset allocation. This is definitely an area that needs to improve.

I actually don’t use Mint to track my investments any more since I discovered Personal Capital.

Mobile Apps Review - Why I Use and Love Mint - Mobile AppWhat Mint does do right is its mobile apps. You can get Mint for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or an Android tablet. Just like the desktop version, all Mint apps are free.

The mobile app gives you the same control over your budget, goals and spending trends, as offered by the website. It is a great way to keep track of your money on the go. For example, you can get a quick idea about available account balances before making a purchase. Review Summary is one of the pioneers in the online money management industry, and I think it remains the best option, especially for managing your personal finances. It’s hard to beat so many great features offered for free. Its investments section is a major disappointment, however, and you will be better off with other tools, such as Personal Capital in this regard.

One of the first steps to making smarter financial decisions is to organize your finances. is an excellent way to do that.

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Do you use Mint to manage your money? Or perhaps you found a better alternative?


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4 Comments on “ Review – Why I Use and Love Mint”

  1. Sam @

    I’m an avid user and highly recommend it to anyone that needs budget management and tracking help. Learning about spending trends is my favorite part.

    • Anton Ivanov

      Same here. I wish I discovered it sooner than I did!

  2. Derek @

    I’ve signed up for Mint. I probably just don’t get it, but I cannot find it that useful above what I’m already doing. I probably just need to spend more time with it to get familiar with it, but so far I haven’t been wowed by it… Will give it another shot.

    • Anton Ivanov

      What software/tools do you currently use to manage your finances?

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